rlinetd - gruesomely over-featured inetd replacement

About rlinetd

rlinetd is a network service for managing network connections. It listens to various ports defined in the configuration file and performs appriopraitte actions when incoming connection is received. It is designed to replace the BSD inetd.



The latest version can be downloaded from the files section of the rlinetd's Alioth project page.
The files can be also downloaded from the download directory.

Debian packages can be found on Debian packages reporitory.


rlinetd was originally written by Mikolaj J. Habryn <dichro-rlinetd+rcpt.to>. Some older version of is still available on his http://www.rcpt.to/rlinetd/ page.
Since 2001 the program has been maintained by Robert Luberda <robert+debian.org>